Inspiration Pt. 3

High school was great. Sexual tension and social anxiety. Ah, the formative years. I’ve always been kinda nerdy and weird. I used to have really long hair, wore mostly black, and didn’t give a single fuck. Played tons of video games. Started on console at a young age, but eventually evolved to the PC Master Race. Took a year of piano before getting uprooted from my friends at the end of my junior year. Got to graduate in the great state of Oklahoma. Took music theory in school there. I didn’t really appreciate that knowledge until I got older. But it helped immensely in my understanding of music.

It was in these years where I really delved into metal. Iron Maiden has always been a favorite of mine. Followed by System of a Down and Nine Inch Nails. I listened to Disturbed, Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, and My Chemical Romance. Oh yeah, all that scene music really. I was just talking to a friend recently about Paramore. Hayley Williams was bae for sure. Around that time I really started getting into metalcore, deathcore, hardcore punk. If it had a core, I probably loved it.

I remember seeing iwrestledabearonce live. That show was nuts. It was before their original singer departed. I think she got pregnant or something? I always loved their wacky energy though. Went to an Oceano show once. It was pretty crazy. There’s something about moshing that’s just cathartic. It’s like everyone is both simultaneously trying to kill each other, but also keep everyone alive. It’s fun if you’re not afraid of injury. Thinking back, I didn’t really start going to shows until I had moved out though.

I also went through an explorative period. Listened to a lot of indie. Then went through a trance phase. Parents loved that one. Constant four on the floor kick at all hours. Eventually moved on to drum and bass, then at some point dubstep and trap. The techno kind, not the rap kind. Never been huge on Hip-Hop/R&B. Not that I dislike it, I’m just not really called to it. Though I do think it’d be fun to write some rap verses. Might give that a go sometime.

I’ve been more and more interested in adding synths in to my work. I’ll probably test the waters with that on this next album. That’s all for this post. Up next I’ll get into my adulthood and more of the music I’m listening to these days.

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