Landon Trujillo

Landon is a music producer with a love of punk, metal, and all things hardcore.
He works with content creators who need music,
creating custom songs for their projects so they can stay focused on their passions.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he has been making music since 2015.
Landon is a free spirit with a deep love of philosophy. He values love and rebellion.
Music has a place in everyone’s lives. So he helps others pursue their passions and be their best selves.

Skilled with numerous instruments, he is always trying new things and following his muse.
He hosts a channel on YouTube where he makes different kinds of music, shares tutorials, and talks about various subjects.

Watch Landon on YouTube or stream his music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, or anywhere else you find music.

Music Production

Landon has a passion for making great music. Whatever your musical needs, he will create a custom song that stands out. Any genre, any style. Mixing and mastering included.

The Happiness Constant      (2020)

Sticking to pop-punk roots but bringing synths into the mix, this album is best described as facing adversity with a fistful of glitter.

The overall theme is about standing up for yourself against the people who tell you how to live, how to act, and what’s “proper.” It’s meant to encourage people to tell their story, to defy the pressure to conform, and have a fun time doing it. The name comes from a conversation Landon had with one of his partners. The key to happiness is self-acceptance, embracing your innermost truths, and being who you really are.

Permanent Press      (2018)

The first EP released as A World Without Gods.

This album was a means of exploring new ideas and developing a workflow for the creative process.
Stylistically the album can be described as an eclectic blend of alternative, funk, and pop-punk.
A little rough around the edges, but a humble beginning.

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